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Enviromental control

  • Analysts atmospheric environment BTEX

  • Analysts Certification QAL 2 CEM systems

  • Analysts continuous monitoring greenhouse gas (CO, SO2, NOx, O2, etc.) - in stack and extractive

  • Analysts FTIR gas (......), mobile and stationary

  • Analysts NO, NO2, NOx

  • Analysts organic halogens (TOX, AOX, EOX, VOX, POX)

  • Analysts powder; continuous monitoring in stack emissions

  • Analyzers Hydrocarbon (VOC, CH4, NMHC) -FID or PID, mobile and stationary

  • Calibration systems and generators for gas AQMS

  • Calibration Systems CEMS

  • CEM- FTIR gas analyzer

  • Detectors leaking hydrocarbons - Continuous

  • Exhaust-gas analyzers (P, t, O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, HCL, HC, H2, Soot)

  • Gas chromatographs

  • Gas detectors (CO, flammable gases, coolants)

  • Hydrocarbons chromatographs (GC-FID), mobile and stationary

  • Integrated continuous monitoring systems for industrial emissions (gas, dust, flow, temperature, pressure)

  • Meteorological measuring devices (i, P, Moisture, wind speed and direction)

  • Mixers standard gases

  • Ozone Analyzers

  • Portable analyzer / chrotatografos GC-MS

  • Portable gas analyzers (CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, CH4, O2)

  • Pressure Gauges

  • XRF analyzers for elemental determinations in dust samples

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