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Laboratory equipment

  • Analysts and humidity generators

  • Analysts AOX, TOX, POX, EOX (burning-coulometry)

  • Analysts dissolved gases in transformer oils (TOGA)

  • Analysts water activity (water activity)

  • Calibration standards-CRM

  • Devices for making calibration gas (divider, mixers, blender)

  • Digital Hydrometers

  • Elemental analyzer ED-XRF

  • Fractional Distillation special applications

  • Generators gas (clean air, nitrogen, hydrogen)

  • Magnetic stirrers for multiple applications

  • Moisture Analyzers in plastic

  • MS Gas Analysers

  • Paramagnetic oxygen analyzers

  • PH, Conductivity and Ion meters: benchtop

  • PH, Conductivity and Ion meters: Pocket

  • PH, Conductivity, Oxygene, Ion meters: portable

  • Polarimeters

  • Recover chemical laboratory solvents

  • Recover solvents pathological laboratories

  • Refractometers

  • Spectrophotometers FTIR gas

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